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Commercial Corridors

The commercial center of the neighborhood is located on Nicollet Avenue, where several restaurants, social service agencies and schools, and retail merchants operate.  Minor commercial hubs include Franklin Avenue and the Clinton Avenue strip mall. Read more »

Stevens Square-Loring Heights Architectural Style

In 1989, Stevens Square received its historical designation due primarily to the number of three-and-a-half story brick apartment buildings: similar in size, character and materials, surrounding the park.  Today, many are renter occupied similar to the profile of the people who first lived in the neighborhood.  Therefore, the neighborhood character is demographically as well as physically very much the same as it was when it first took shape as a neighborhood of respectable apartment dwellings in the early 1900's. Read more »

Safety Resources

Here are a few useful links to local and state safety-related sites.

Restorative Justice Community Action Read more »

SSCO Safety Strategy

Stevens Square Community Organization (SSCO) has in place a comprehensive and proactive safety and crime prevention program that works successfully with law enforcement to reduce and prevent crime by bringing to the table significant volunteer involvement and staff expertise.  SSCO has the longest active Block Patrol in the city, which has been highly effective.  Block Patrol is a way for residents to communicate with the organization regarding concerns, and a way for the organization to connect with residents to promote safety in the neighborhood. Read more »

2009 Program Year Safety Committee Priorities and Plans

Approved on July 24, 2008

Clean out the substation and get rid of unused i tems.  Work with the property owner to make repairs
and renovate the space to make i t safer and more pleasant for volunteers, staff, and law enforcement
partners to use. Read more »

2010 Program Year Safety Commitee Priorities and Plans

Adopted August 27, 200

Support the 5 th Precinct’s neighborhood policing plan to

  1. reduce commercial and residential burglaries;
  2. focus enforcement activity on livability concerns identified by the neighborhood; and
  3. implement a police safety/security camera system along Nicollet Ave.

Continue to work with law enforcement, property owners, businesses, service providers, and
residents to Read more »

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